Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Topic of This Blog

The topic of my blog is Bob Brinker, host of Moneytalk. Comments are welcome as long as they are on topic. Comments about anyone else, including "moi" will be deleted.

However, if this simple rule of staying on topic is abused, I will have to begin screening comments before they are published.

I hope as we move forward that you will benefit from learning historical facts about Bob Brinker's complete market-timing record that he has "almost" completely covered up. Facts that are not revealed to new Marketimer subscribers. Facts that Bob Brinker will never allow to be discussed on Moneytalk. Facts that prove that his published performance record is questionable.
Thank you....Honeybee



Honeybee said...

Unfortunately, some chose to ignore my request to stay on topic so I will be screening comments from now on...Honeybee

Kirk Lindstrom said...

I've found most of the well followed Blogs screen and moderate the comments just to keep people off who want to promote their own agenda or competing products.

You've now joined the big leagues!

Keep up the good work.

fly said...

Good for you Honeybee. I wish you luck with your blog.

Honeybee said...

Hi fly...I got your comments, but I'm still working out some bugs here, so that is why they haven't been posted yet.

Thank you very much for your encouraging words....Honeybee

Anonymous said...


Congratulations and I have always enjoyed your posts and resource on Brinker. Continual good luck.


decoflair said...

May the comments and commentary great grow over time. F
From a long time suite101 reader.