Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bob Brinker Absent This Weekend

Bob Brinker was only back one week after taking two weeks off for the holidays.

I don't blame him for being absent. How ridiculous would he look getting up there on his high horse and bashing the "bad news bears" again?

And I think repeating for the umpteenth time that he gave a buy signal five years ago might not have made him any points today. LOL!
The market basically went NOWHERE last year and so far this year most indexes are down roughly 5%. I'll post the exact stats later.

Flanagan doesn't sound like he is going to play Brinker's game today....


princepro110 said...

I couldn't agree with you more! When the heat is on Brinker hits the road and brings in the "B" can count on it like clockwork. It reminds me on Mel Gibson in "Gallipoli" when the British officers continued to send the poor Australian grunts into the Turkish meat grinder. Gibson got tired of it and Flanagan might be tired of seeing this act once too many times.

Honeybee said...

Hi Princepro110,

It's nice to hear when someone agrees with me 100%.

Usually, when people agree with me, it's followed by a "but" -- which is okay, too. 8^)

princepro110 said...

I appreciate your updates every week as I can never hear the whole show.

I don't get the newsletter anymore but always used Brinker as a guide to investing. It seems that he really missed this sub-prime mess and financials crash. He is still 100% invested in equities in 2 of his 3 models as far as I know. If the market continues to tank hitting recession targets he may have to come clean with his readers. If the market does turn upward, I still think his not seeing this financials depression calls his credibility into question.