Friday, January 4, 2008

Bob Brinker Predictions for S&P500 1600s

In past years when the stock market has sold off 10% or more and Brinker was fully invested, he was a guest on KGO radio in SF to tell their listeners to "not panic" by listening to and acting on the cries of the "bad news bears." I wonder if he will repeat this given the recent market action that has many scared?

(More S&P500 Charts)

In our Facebook Bob Brinker Discussion Forum today, Jim F. replied to Honey's post and said:

Honey, In both the October and November newsletters, Brinker stated the S&P500 should rise " at least into the mid 1600's range in 2008." After todays drop we need about a 16-17% rise to achieve that level.

In his January Marketimer, Bob Brinker reported:

"The 60-day put/call ratio remains in bullish territory as the new year begins."
Brinker remains bullish, does not expect a bear market (as defined as a 20% or more decline in the S&P500) and he looks for new highs to be made in the year ahead.

If you want to read what Brinker said in his full update of this Marketimer stock market timing indicators, then you have to subscribe to Marketimer.

You can also read Bob Norton's free "estimate" of what Bob Brinker's timing model would do in "Bob Brinker Shadow Stock Market Timing Model Update." Brinker doesn't say if his individual indicators are bullish or bearish, but it seems Bob Norton made a direct hit with his estimate Brinker would remain bullish and fully invested.

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