Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bob Brinker Reviews Last Week Market on Moneytalk

In the opening monologue today, Brinker gave a brief review of what happened in the stock market last week.
He placed the blame on a rogue trader in another country (anybody know who he was talking about?), and on Ben Bernanke.
So far, he has not given even a hint of when he might expect to see the market find a bottom.
He did not tell listeners how much the market has corrected from its high or from when his MID-1400's buy signal.
Here are Jeffchristie's comments about the opening monologue: 8^)
"In the opening monologue Brinker said something like this: "....On Monday Bernanke held a conference call. They reached a conclusion not unlike we did last week on Moneytalk......
That is in line with what I predicted he would say earlier this week here on your BlogYou also nailed it at when you predicted he would focus on the small change for the week in the index. Is he becoming too predictable? Or has he been reading your Blog for show prep."
January 26, 2008 1:55 PM


pig said...

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Honeybee said...

Thank you MrPig....he's been asking for that for some time now. Looks to me like he finally got some just-desserts.


Kirk said...

"He placed the blame on a rogue trader in another country (anybody know who he was talking about?), and on Ben Bernanke."

Yes. See $7.2 billion French Fraud by Normxxx.
the reason the rogue trader doing this was postulated in French Trader Jerome Kerviel FORCED to Work 30 Hours a Week

That should cover it pretty well.

absolutereturns said...

Operation Call Blocker.... I mentioned last weekend that I find it hard to believe that people are calling in and talking about energy and politics.... I think the calls about the market are screened out. I work with and talk with retail investment clients on the phone, people who are invested in the market...and their ONLY question(s) is about the market ! How much it's pulled back, how long it will continue, how far it may decline....? Not this BS about politics and blaming the Fed.
I want to like and have more respect for Bob B, but he's ducking the issue and trying to blame Ben B. If this economy goes into the tank and the sp500 sells off another 10-15% will Bob B still be scape-goating the Fed ? Probably, but i won't be listening then.

octavian said...

kirk said:
"...But there are thousands of ex subscribers who might think he will tell them a good time to get in.... so the marketing effect is huge.

If what they told me is true, the fact you could get the bulletin without being a paying subscriber is a HUGE clue..."

--Well, what they told kirk WASN'T true. It would have been easy
enough for kirk to check. I just checked, and it took less than 30
seconds. But of course kirk didn't want to know. He just wanted to
believe the worst, so he could criticize him.

Bob was man enough to admit that the market was fooling him, and
therefore he was canceling his 1450 buy signal and going back to a DCA approach while he reevaluates.

And yet all you people want to do is criticize him. If he had remained silent on the 1450 buy signal, you would have bashed him for that. But he spoke up about it, and you STILL bashed him.

Surely you all realize how ridiculous you are.

Kirk said...

Are you saying Brinker sent the bulletin to non subscribers and told NON SUBSCRIBERS he had cancelled the "mid 1400s buy signal?"

You are wrong if that is what you are trying to say.

David Korn sent an alert to his readers that Brinker sent out an alert. I checked Brinker's web site and you needed to be a subscriber to log in and read it.

To subscribers who followed his advice to be fully invested at the makret top OR who took his advice to go "all in" in the mid 1400s, the bulletin was useless unless a big pile of money fell from the sky.

Thus, the value of the bulletin was in advertising "something is up" with Brinker that he felt it worth sending out a bulletin.

Ex subscribers might PAY AGAIN just to find out what it said. THAT is what the value was as an advertisement.

Given the bulletin was pretty worthless other than to tell his readers he was not issuing a sell signal, I think it was made for the advertising effect.

Honeybee said...

Note to the person who is posting here with names of my friends.

I will no longer allow you to do this.

I think you are well aware that Pig is a friend of mine. But just in case you want to save yourself some time, I will tell you that I pretty much know when Pig is available to post and when he isn't.
From now on, I will simply delete what you post with an imp-alias--no matter what it says and no questions asked.


honeybee said...
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Peter S said...

When was this bulletin issued. I don't remember any such thing. I wonder if all you people are 100% correct? Give me a break!

Honeybee said...

Peter asked: "When was this bulletin issued. I don't remember any such thing."
Hi Peter,

The bulletin was issued January 20, 2008 (S&P 500 Index: 1325.19).