Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dolly and Lama's Excellent View

Do you like our view?

We sure enjoy the view from the window while we wait for the beelady to feed us!


pat said...

Are you trying to scroll any serious discussion away with these silly animal pictures?

I hope this is a one time shot and you don't intend to repeat this nonsense on a regular basis.

Honeybee said...

Hi Pat,

Even Bob Brinker likes to lighten things up occasionally.

You know how he sometimes likes to tell the Moneytalk audience that it "isn't his nature to criticize others" just before he spends 10 minutes bashing Ben Bernanke.

But in any case, please feel free to ignore the pictures of my view and my "silly animals" and post your "serious discussion" about Brinker.

princepro110 said...


Thanks for a break in the "action"!

Not a pet person but those are two nice lookin cats!!

Honeybee said...

Hi Princepro....thank you for taking the time to say that. We were hoping that someone out there might enjoy the pictures.

Dolly and Lama are from the same litter. They are Himalayan. Dolly is seal-point and Lama is flame-point.

It's rare that a flame-point will actually be for sale because they are rare and the females are used for breeding. But the gene is not passed through the males, so he was "adoptable." Notice, I didn't say "cheap"... 8^)

For sure, he knows he's special. I have no clue wherrrreee he would get that idea. LOL!

jeffchristie said...


How is your third cat doing?

Honeybee said...

Hi Jeffchristie,

Thanks for asking about Yoda. I didn't use the picture with him in it because it becomes too small and doesn't show any of them very well.

Yoda is just fine. He looks very much like his sister, Dolly. He's larger than she is, but he's also seal-point.

He's actually quite beautiful, but is so shy that very few people ever get more than a glimpse of him and I'm the only one who can pet him. It's a shame, really...

None of the cats are allowed outdoors--for several reasons including the wonderful wildlife that comes to visit often.

However, I have trained Lama to walk on a leash and I take him out to investigate the "skeery" outdoors frequently (he purrs a lot and keeps his eyes on me, just in case I should forget about him). 8^)

Over at the other site, I told the story of how a huge (probably) owl almost flew off the deck with Lama one day when I was reading a book and he was just laying nearby (on the leash).

Scared the socks off me! So now when I'm out there reading in the deck swing and have him with me, I make him sit next to me.

Actually, jeffchristie, I have another cat that is very special to me, too. He was a gift. He never moves, I don't have to brush him, feed him or clean his litter box. He just lays there curled up in his fluffy little bed and purrs....he's also seal-point. 8^)

Pig said...

Do you have any pictures of sewer rats?

Will this post be deleted too? (((ROAR)))

Honeybee said...

MrPig asked: "Do you have any pictures of sewer rats?"

Yes, MrYaetmo posted a video of them in the comments on the "Bob Brinker Market-Timing Scenarios" Thread...

MrPig asked: "Will this post be deleted too? (((ROAR)))"
Nope, I can (almost) always tell fake from real. I'm especially good at distinquishing real diamonds.
Snow all gone?