Sunday, December 9, 2007

Survey of Highest Rate CDs

On Saturday Bob Brinker recommended a caller look at CDs rather than US Treasury Bonds or notes because CDs are paying better rates.

From the Highest CD Rates Survey at, the best CD rate is 5.45% at Countrywide Bank for 3 months.

The 3-month treasury bill currently pays 3.07%, the 5-yr treasury note pays 3.50%, the 10-year treasury bond pays 4.11% and the 30-year T-Bond pays 4.57%.

CDs are also paying better rates than iBonds which currently pay 4.28% (I-Bond Details)

Below are some more rates and terms.

6 Months
5.35% at Countrywide Bank

1 and 2 years
5.21% at Apple Bank for Savings (Scarsdale NY)

3 years
5.00% at Capital One Bank, Eastern Savings & Flagstar Bank

5 years
5.26% at Apple Bank for Savings

7 and 10 years
5.10% at Capital One Bank

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