Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brinker's Most Recent Stand on the Market and Economy


I have committed my Moneytalk commentary for this weekend to a friend for publication, but I will give a brief recap here of Brinker's latest market and economic views.

Saturday September 22, 2007, Bob Brinker was very enthusiastic about recent stock market activity. He said that it "continues to act beautifully as it gets very, very close to setting another all time record closing high......" He pointed out that the S&P is "just 2% below the all time historic high of 1553" and continues to do "very well."

Brinker sees no sign of an impending recession and believes the doomsayers are "blowing smoke." He predicted a "slow growth economy."

Brinker believes that the "housing recession" will be with us for some time because we have a very large inventory of unsold properties.

Brinker sees no sign of inflation.

So there you have the bottom lines from Brinker today -- he is very optimistic on the economy and the stock market.




Kirk Lindstrom said...

Thanks for the summary.

I posted a recap of the correction and a graph of the S&P500 HERE.

For the S&P500 (more charts), the correction from high to low was 11.9% and the decline off the high on a closing basis hawas 9.4%.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I subscribed one time to Bob Brinker's marketimer until I realized he was full of hot air. I only invested a little in the QQQ debacle, and got clobbered in is Utech recomendation. You are doing a great service. Bob Brinker would be much more credible if he at least admitted his mistakes.


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